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Post  Woona 13th January 2012, 09:41

This is a guide for new members to the FrozenOYT Forums. Please read it and if you do not understand anything please message me. If you do not think this is enough, Also message me.

How do I give myself an avatar?
First off, Copy the URL Address to the image you want. Then click to your profile, Then avatar and paste the URL Into the box addressed "Upload an Avatar from a URL". Do not worry about size, As the site should automatically resize it to the site restrictions.

Please note that tiny images will not resize to fit the size restriction, Only images larger than the restrictions.

Frozen's note: You can also upload your own avatar from your PC.

How do I give myself a signature?
As with Avatars, Go to your profile and then to the signatures tab. Copy and paste the URL Address of the signature that you wish to use or type the text you want into the box and save, Noting that images need to have [img*][/img*] (Without the *s.) or you can just click this button: New Member Guide Picture

You will not see your signature though unless you go to preferences and select the option addressed "Always attach your signature" and set it to Yes. Now you should see your signature in any of your posts after you do what I have listed in this section.

How do I accept Friend/Foe requests?
To do this, Click onto your profile and to the friend and foes tab. Scrolling down, You should see a friend or foe request. Click either the + To accept, Or - To decline requests.

How do I post a new thread?
Select the forum section that you wish to post your topic in, And just under the forum address you should see the NEW TOPIC Button. This can also be seen when you click onto a random topic. Clicking it, You must write a topic title (Anywhere between 10-255 Characters long.) and a topic subject. Please do not spam with this, As repeated offences will end with a warning or more. This is also seen under the last post in a topic.

How do I post a new reply?
Select the topic that you wish to post in, And under the topic address and right of the NEW TOPIC Button you should see the REPLY Button. This is also next to the NEW TOPIC Button under the last response to that topic. You can also quote posts by clicking the QUOTE Button. This makes a reply with whatever the quoted person has said. Please do not spam to increase your post count.

Forum Rules
- No extremism
- No racism
- No sexism
- No pornography
- Keep it clean, Try not to swear too often. One or two times may be tolerated
- No scamming
- No abuse to other members
- Please do not start rumours or anything similar about other members

These are just some rules of my own, And aren't really official.

Well I think that wraps that up. I may add on to it later if you guys and girls need any help.

~ Woona.

Frozen's EDIT: If you want your avatar from Xbox Live, then go to your profile; select avatar, and use this URL for your avatar:

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New Member Guide Empty Re: New Member Guide

Post  FrozenOYT 13th January 2012, 18:18

This is good. I am making those rules official and stickying this topic.

New Member Guide Cv6E

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